MusicXML ist zum erfolgreichsten Standard für Musiknotenaustausch seit MIDI geworden. Or, my instructor also tells me, the SE package of VST instruments has a good sounding piano and the package is on sale for $99. The lowest note on the instrument is almost reached in Bar 11. This excerpt was recently featured together with a number of others fro… Read More

When you are looking to download some great music, you need to seek out beneficial advice. If you're searching for information about music downloads, the Internet is a great place to find your experts. This article contains many of these valuable tips, so keep reading.A great tip when downloading music is to preview similar artists on itunes. Most … Read More

If you install peer to peer networking software, don't install any of the add-ons or extra software which it offers you. These programs are often adware which can eat up resources on your computer or internet connection, plus they add no benefit to the software itself, so just uncheck those boxes.If you are looking for music for your iPod, consider… Read More

Mike Hitt is best known for his role as founder and producer of MCM Studios, a Recording Studio in Pittsburgh, PA; available since 2011. MCM Studios has serviced thousands of reputable artists such as Jelly Roll, Madchild, Dizzy Wright and Nate Fox. Hitt (Mike) is renowned for developing and teaching unsigned/indie talent as a highly skilled execut… Read More